Annual Donations

The Anglican Diocese of Ontario Foundation was established to ensure that the church’s ministry and programme, in partnership with ecumenical, inter-faith and other community groups, would thrive for generations to come. In a short period of time, a legacy of grant has had a tangible and measurable impact on diocesan parishes and in the wider community. Donors to the Foundation have helped make possible church renovations, continuing theological education for lay and clergy leaders, providing for enhanced campus ministries, refugee support, and many other vital ministries. All of these initiatives were made possible by generous individual and community organization donors who were inspired to support the people, ideas, and visions that change lives.

Why donate to the Foundation?

Giving to the diocesan Foundation is a unique chance to be part of things that really matter to the Anglican Church and communities served in eastern Ontario. Donors who make an annual contribution of $ 50 or more receive membership in the Anglican Diocese of Ontario Foundation (please see the section, Member Benefits).

You can join with other individuals, parishes, ACWs, and community groups in supporting the work of the Church and visionary, creative partnerships through annual contributions.

No matter what size your gift may be, you have the potential to:

  • make a significant difference for good among Canadian Anglicans and people in the wider community
  • learn about innovative ministry and creative programme initiatives across eastern Ontario

Please choose an annual contribution that works for you, and know that it is making a difference.

The Member Benefits section of this website will give you more information about how to make an annual contribution.

Reflecting your values and priorities

Gift Planning means finding a way to make an important gift to a cause you believe in — while still receiving the best tax benefits possible and achieving personal financial goals.

A Letter from The Right Reverend Michael D. Oulton

The Right Reverend Michael D. Oulton, Bishop of Ontario
The Right Reverend Michael D. Oulton, Bishop of Ontario Credit: Mark Hauser

Dear Friends,

Come with me for a moment while I share some of the joy I experience travelling the diocese and visiting the parishes and ministries faithful Anglicans are engaged in today.

Imagine standing in the newly renovated accessible entry of St. Mark’s Church in Bonar Law and seeing the sheer joy on the faces of those with mobility challenges. Joy,  instead of fear in trying to navigate steps and stairs to enjoy worship and fellowship.

Imagine meeting a refugee family and their parish support group who have been assisted by our refugee coordinator Mimi Merrill in creating a new life of hope.  Witness the hope that settles in and is so palpable for those fleeing the most desperate and unimaginable situations. 

Imagine cutting the ribbon on the new charitable thrift store in Elgin and chatting with those who face the challenge of making ends meet every day.  You can literally see mission in action as you look into the eyes of those who will benefit.

I have no doubt that your heart will be filled to the brim imagining those moments as is mine throughout every single day I have the joy of serving as your bishop. The good news is that you have been there with me every time through your gift to the Diocese of Ontario Foundation. 

The people of our diocese value our relationships and we celebrate the fact that our ministries in the service of Christ are enabled by the people of God who gather in worship each week. Your gift to The Diocese of Ontario Foundation is a means of bringing that valued relationship to life. You are there, through your gift, when a life is changed, tears are dried and hope renewed. 

The next time I visit one of those amazing outreach initiatives supported in whole or in part by the Diocese of Ontario Foundation, I will offer a prayer of thanks for those faithful Anglicans like you, who through their gift are standing with me in each and every one of those moments. Thank you for being counted among that number and bringing faith to life by putting faith in action.

Blessings from a grateful bishop with a full heart for your fearless generosity,

The Right Reverend Michael D. Oulton,
Bishop of Ontario

Almighty God, your loving hand has given us all that we possess:
grant us grace that we may love you with all that we have,
and be found faithful and acceptable stewards of your bounty;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.