Our Mission Statement

The Anglican Diocese of Ontario Foundation supports innovative approaches to the building of God’s Kingdom through Christian education, service, and a bold celebration of the Anglican tradition. As responsible stewards of God’s gifts, the Foundation provides funding to revitalize Anglican parishes, and supports ministry to the broader community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a community in which the faith-filled generosity is an important vehicle through which the love of Jesus Christ becomes known.

Our Values
  • We are unapologetically Christian, according to the Anglican tradition
  • We believe in fearless generosity
  • We are innovative and responsive
  • We are community-minded
  • We are resourceful, accountable, and responsible stewards of God’s gifts
The Foundation’s Areas of Priority
  • Emerging Ministries
  • Campus Ministries
  • Prison Ministries
  • Lay and Clergy Leadership Development
  • Children’s and Youth Ministries
  • Affordable Housing
  • Reconciliation Initiatives
  • and other parish and diocesan ministries and programmes

Infrastructure projects of up to 50% of the total project cost may also be considered for funding.

Deadlines for Submission

Grant applications are:

  • March 15,
  • June 15,
  • September 15, and
  • December 15.

The Anglican Diocese of Ontario Foundation will consider applications for grants only from registered charitable organizations that are current members of the Foundation.

Membership Application Form (pdf)


Dialogue November 2019

Courtesy Mark Hauser, editor


The Venerable John M. Robertson, Credit: General Synod
The Venerable John M. Robertson, Credit: General Synod

The Venerable John M. Robertson

Development Consultant

Kennon L. Callahan, author and teacher, a guest presenter in our diocese several years ago, writes,

The congregations who do the best in church finances have a rich, full, abiding compassion for mission. They are motivated by a theology of service, not a theology of survival. Their compelling, driving spirit is one of striving, serving, loving mission.”

Dr. Callahan sums up perfectly what our Anglican Diocese of Ontario Foundation is all about…helping congregations – and their community partners – to make a difference in people’s lives through “striving, serving, loving mission.”

The Foundation (ADOF) recently launched its 2019-2020 Annual Appeal, Fearless Generosity. It’s something like Love in Action, and prior to that, Anglican Appeal, where funds raised annually were shared in various ways with General Synod in our diocese with parishes, the diocese, and the Foundation. This annual support of individual donors and parishes made a significant impact in many quarters, especially to help form the capital from which our Foundation can make grants. With the addition of a substantial bequest, special gifts, a bishop’s dinner and other numerous and generous donations, the Foundation is ever closer now to responding more readily to grant applications from parishes, the diocese and other related groups for creative, vital ministry – yes, including some infrastructure grants for accessibility, kitchen updates to permit feeding those less fortunate, and so forth. But, increasingly, in coming years, grants will be earmarked for creative ministries, programmes and projects, especially those developed ecumenically (for, example, our Anglican/Roman Catholic DOORS refugee sponsorship programme) or with community partners (affordable housing), Corrections ministries, inter-parish educational/musical events, and the list goes on….Imagine?

You are invited to do two things: (a) become a personal/family member of the Foundation – hopefully annually!   (b) ask your wardens to sign-up your congregation/parish as a organizational member, again annually.   HINT: That way your parish would then become eligible to make a grant request! And be counted as one of the, hopefully, 100 % of parish communities which make up our Foundation family.   With both kinds of memberships, giving a share in the governance of the Foundation (see our website for the Benefits of Membership) and being part of something exciting and vitally important for our future, there are always opportunities for contributions of all kinds….special event donations, thanksgiving and memorial gifts, bequests and other gift planning opportunities, and on we go. Together, we CAN make a difference.  For further information and forms, please see our website: www.dioceseofontariofoundation.ca

Did you know? The Anglican Foundation of Canada, our national partner, a few years ago challenged the three bishops of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador (or did the bishops and their lay and clergy leaders do this all by themselves?) to encourage all parishes (and there are many!) to become annual memberships of the Foundation. At last count, 100% took up the challenge with enthusiasm and have maintained their high, wonderfully-helpful standard….again, making a difference in people’s lives, in this case, all across Canada!

May I suggest….lay and clergy leaders in our Diocese of Ontario, and all members of our diocesan family who care so deeply about our parishes and communities, and engaging with our community partners in making a difference…..let us go and do likewise.   Develop our memberships to help build up our capital fund, and then contribute as generously as we can to maintain our ongoing grants, supporting “striving, loving, serving mission.”

The Rt Rev Michael Oulton,

List of Directors

The Ven William Clarke,

Mr Paul Clur,

Mrs Anne Patterson,

Mr John Secker,
Financial Officer

Mr. Roy Conacher,

Mr Eric Friesen,

Ms Susan McCulloch,

Support Staff

The Ven John Robertson,
Development Consultant